100% Refund for Covid Affected Bookings with our Flexibility Package

We’re excited to announce a new option we have put together with our business partners in order to bring you more security and flexibility when travelling with Pissup in 2021.

We’ve called it

The Pissup FlexiPack

What is it:

A quick and easy option for any new booking, which gives you much greater coverage and financial security in case your trip is affected by COVID-19. By selecting the FlexiPack, you get the full right to cancel your event and claim a 100 % refund, if your event is affected by COVID-19 as defined below.

Why should I get it?

Why wouldn’t you? We’ve made sure you can plan a trip without worrying you’ll lose your money if Covid wouldn’t allow you to travel. So go ahead, be the best man your best friend deserves!

How do I get it?

You must select the FlexiPack when making your booking and have your Account Manager confirm and add it to your booking. This is by default not possible to purchase at a later time, unless your Account Manager allows it.

Alright, what’s the small print?

Please find below all the details you need to know regarding our new FlexiPack option. We also recommend you to choose a flexible fare when booking your flight.

Do not wait for the world to reopen and miss on the best availability and price - book NOW for a stress-free trip in 2021! We are fully committed to deal with this situation in the best possible way and get out of it stronger, together.

With love, Your Pissup team

Terms for use of the FlexiPack:

The FlexiPack offers you the right to a 100 % refund for your entire event.
Only the following events are eligible for applying to the FlexiPack, granting you the right to 100 % refund of the full event:

  1. You must have purchased the FlexiPack for your event and have it confirmed by us by April 30th.
  2. Your event must be considered a package booking, which means you have booked at least one activity and accommodation through us.
  3. Your event must be considered COVID-19 affected, which is defined as having at least one of the following conditions in place:
    • The borders of the country for your destination are closed, meaning you cannot enter the country as a foreign national or only enter the country with quarantine.
    • Your government has put in place a restriction to travelling to your destination for leisure purposes. This does not include recommendations not to travel.
    • The government of the home country of the person who made the booking has announced a mandatory quarantine upon returning home from your destination. This does only include a quarantine due to traveling abroad to your destination, not general regional or national quarantine. It also does not include recommended quarantine.
  4. You must request your cancellation free of charge latest 10 days before arrival, if you want to make use of your FlexiPack rights.

In case parts of your event are not eligible for the FlexiPack option, you may still be entitled to a partial refund if added to your booking. If individual parts of your event are impossible to conduct and we therefore have to cancel them due to COVID-19 restrictions, our normal T&Cs will apply and you will be refunded for these stand-alone parts of your event.

Please also note that due to anti-money-laundering regulations we are only allowed to refund payments to the original payer and never more than the paid-in amount. These regulations also require us to request the full name and address of the person we are making the refund to.

Upon request of cancellation, please also submit a proof / proper reference to the governmental measures affecting your event.

Should the FlexiPack option not be applicable to your event and you choose not to travel, our normal Terms & Conditions will apply to your event.

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